Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vegetarian Panna Cotta with home-made Mango Jam

Most of us know this recipe. The Indian version actually. We actually call it "China Grass" for some reason. And the best part! It's vegetarian!!! I know it is a hassle for many to get hands on halal/kosher/vegetarian gelatin, so use Agar-Agar instead. Very simple. Very easy.

What you need:
500 ml of full cream milk (Half and Half if you can get your hands on it)
250 ml of agar agar (boiled and strained to remove any lumps)
1 cup sugar
2-3 drops of vanilla essence (Vanilla bean if you can get your hands on it)

Warm milk just up-to the point before it starts boiling. You don't want to boil it. Add sugar and dissolve. Add the strained agar agar liquid. Add the vanilla. Pour into molds. Allow to cool. Put it into the fridge for 4-5 hrs to set. Yay! It's done.

I'll put up the recipe for Mango Jam later on. You can serve with any fruit, or caramel, or honey, maple syrup...whatever moves you to tears.... 

Oh, what are those crystals you say? That is just clear agar agar with sugar and some cardamom powder for flavour. Totally optional. :D

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