Friday, November 20, 2009

Basmati Rice Cooked by Absorption

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I know I've been terribly busy past few months and haven't been able to blog as before. So untill I'm back, I will accept any guest posts that I really like and post them up here. Meanwhile, here's my brother with his blog post. He's the actual cook in the family....and he's Njoy!


The absorption method involves using exactly the right amount of water so the water is completely used up when the rice is fully cooked. Water quantity is key. The ideal ratio of water to rice is 1.5:1. This method of cooking rice negates the need of draining water from cooked rice. I am proposing a method that removes all need for draining water including draining after washing/soaking. I call it the controlled volumes method.

Rice needs to be washed two or three times before cooking. Some experts also recommend soaking the rice for about 20 minutes prior to cooking. This causes a degree of uncertainty in the final amount of water to be added for cooking. After the rice is washed and/or soaked you can't easily dry it completely in order to add the exact amount of water.

The method is simply to be aware of how much water you've got in the pot at all times. The size of cup used doesn't matter as long as you use the same (volume) cup for rice as you do for water.

Based on a cup of rice:
  • Add 3 cups of water. Wash.
  • Do not spill any water while washing.
  • Remove 2 cups of water.
  • Add 2 cups of water. Wash.
  • Remove 2 cups of water.
  • Add half a cup of water.
  • Soak.
  • Cook.
The cooking process is standard: Bring to boil uncovered, stirring occasionally. Cover and simmer on very low heat for 10 minutes. Leave covered for 5 minutes off the heat. Fluff and serve.

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